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I love adding value to others by helping them discover their unique brilliance and flourish, while also assisting them in finding and fulfilling purpose!


- Dr. Anya

Crystal Brooks2 copy.jpg

Crystal Brooks

CEO: Seafood Heaven, AA Business Management, LPN, Wife, Mother

"Dr Anya has been inspiration not only in my life but in the life of my family as well.  Since our connection with Dr. Anya we have grown as individuals and as a family.  She has helped us discover gifts and talents we never knew we possessed. I like to say that she is an 'Activation Specialist.' And what I mean by this is that what ever is lying dormant in your life God has given her the ability to awaken and to shift the very thing that's been hidden inside of you.  So if you are at a place in your life that you feel something is missing or that there is more to this life you are living but just may need a little help making it happen, I would strongly suggest trying Dr. Anya and I promise after one encounter your life will never be the same. "

Juanita Coley 2.jpg

Juanita C. Coley

CEO, Solid Rock Consulting & Stand Apart Paradigm, Wife, Mother

"Dr. Anya has been instrumental in not only my spiritual growth but also my personal and career development. When I first came to Dr. Anya, I was just a preteen very accustomed to "church as usual," and used to life's disappointments. Quickly becoming a statistic; I was on the fast track to self-sabotage and destruction. It was Dr. Anya's genuine love and profound teachings that helped to ultimately set me back on the track to living a purpose-driven life. Currently, I'm a business owner of multiple thriving businesses both for profit and non profits as well as a wife, mother and mentor."

Dora Moon.jpg

Lorna Wilson

BSBA Business Administration, Realtor, Entreprenuer, Wife, Mother

"Caring. Knowledgeable. Compassionate. Genuine. Wise. These are just a few words to describe Dr. Anya Hall.  She has been instrumental in my development as a leader in ministry and in the marketplace. If you are serious about reaching your potential then I strongly recommend that you hire Dr. Anya to help take your life, business, or ministry to the next level."


Apostle Paul Thornton

Paul Thornton Ministries International.

"When I first received my call to leadership ministry fifteen years ago, it was Dr. Anya who discerned my call, who believed in me when others did not, and who pushed me to my next level of destiny and purpose. I often tell people that part of my success in leadership is because of Dr. Anya's influence in my life.  Dr. Anya has been instrumental in giving me accurate direction and clear guidance in various seasons of my life as a leader. Dr. Anya is more than a motivational speaker, she is a profound expositor and skilled leadership coach."


Coleen Otero

CEO, Master Stylist, Beauty Expert, Branding Specialist, Author, Wife, Momprenuer, Ministry Leader

"Dr. Anya Hall is such an amazing Woman of God! Her teachings and wisdom have helped me greatly in my spiritual development. From prayer manuals, prophetic trainings and dynamic songs, Dr Anya Hall is full of revelatory information that will assist believers launch into their God purpose! Because of her ministry I have walked in clarity and greater understanding of all that my family and I are called to accomplish in the earth.  I am forever grateful for her impact in my life!"


Pastor Pamela D. Johnson

Senior Pastor and Founder of Alpha & Omega Restoration Outreach Ministries Inc.

"Dr. Anya is such an inspiration in my life. Dr. Anya has encouraged me on sooooooooo many levels . The thing that stands out the most to me is that I have been saved now for 18yrs. Like most new converts I was on fire (and still am) for the Lord.  I loved everything about My Lord and Savior, especially being in church, . . . church on Mondays, church on Tuesdays, Wednesdays . . .every single day of the week I felt like I had to be at the church! Even if it was just to sweep, I would do it for hours on end and YES I was married with children. I would come home from work, cook real quick, help with home work real quick, and off to the church leaving soooo many open doors to the enemy regarding my marriage and my family it’s a wonder we survived!! After doing this religiously for about 10 years NO ONE and I do mean NO ONE had told me that my marriage and my family was my 1st Ministry. I never realized that You could commit adultery with the church until I met Dr. Anya....I always viewed myself as the perfect wife, not an adulterer. Because of the teaching, wisdom and empowerment I received from Dr. Anya my marriage is still going long and strong 11 years later....."


Tarsha L. Campbell

Publisher, Author, Speaker, Certified Life Coach

"There is so much I could say about Dr. Anya!  Best described, she is like a multi-faceted diamond whose brilliance is lighting the way for many around the globe. Dr. Anya is a leader's leader. Every time I leave her presence I want to go higher and dig deeper. She is unparalleled as a life-changing thought leader and empowerment strategist. It's always an honor and privilege to sit under her wisdom and be empowered by what she shares."


Valamere Mikler

M.A., LSSWB, Organizational Development Process Consultant

“Dr. Hall is a phenomenal life coach and expert in the field. She is an innovator and astute businesswoman of her craft. She offers kind, helpful guidance and has provided me with a clearer picture of where I am and where I want to be.

Dr. Hall has truly made an impact on my life. She has helped me on many different levels—teaching me how to understand personal issues, how to "live in the present," how to deal with relationships, and how to focus on both short- and long-term career goals. Talking with Dr. Hall is like talking to a very wise, understanding confidante. I highly recommend her—without any hesitation!”


Odessa W. Trice

MPA, Insurance Sales Agent

"I met Dr. Anya in August of 2000 it was during a period that I would consider one of the most difficult times in my life.  My husband had just abandoned me and 4 children and I was left with mountains of debt and despair along with a son who had just been critically injured within his first year of college in a bad car accident.  I thought my life was over.  I spiral down into such a deep depression I became suicidal.  Then I met Dr. Anya Hall and she began working with me, encouraging me, praying with me, and counseling me and my 4 children on a regular basis.  I am so grateful to God and her.  Because of her continual encouragement, my whole family is in a better place today.  Today my 4 children are all doing great 2 of which are business owners along with myself".  "Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you give and do"!


Ashley Gardner

CEO of HerArtistry

"After going through what seemed like the worst thing I could ever go through in life Dr. Anya led me to the light.  She encouraged me, prayed for me, and taught me how to use my authority through God. Her Patience and Love for me made me realize that there are really genuine people of God in this world. I never thought I could be the person I was today because I felt so low about myself. The God in Dr. Anya is so overwhelming that you have no choice but to want to pursue God more because of her life. Dr. Anya pushed and pulled me until I collided with purpose and I found out that I was and am a phenomenal woman of God. Gifts and talents that laid dormant rose up within me so powerfully. So from then on out  I can't do anything else but give God praise for allowing her to see the great within me that He already saw.

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