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The Self Life

Most often when we talk about “the self - life” we are speaking in terms of living a self-centered, self-promoting, selfish lifestyle of pompous arrogance that feeds the lusts of the flesh. However, in this article I want to take a different approach.

Many times we are trying so hard not to do the things mentioned above that we totally ignore ourselves and fail to realize that our self is not healthy, wholesome or happy. It’s time we paid attention to ourselves.

Who are you? Do you even know . . .??? Do you know what you like or what you like to do? Are you hurt, broken or bleeding?? To some, these questions make no sense because they know who they are, what they like and what they want to do. They are totally in touch with themselves and aware of their emotional and mental state of being.

However, people who have spent their whole lives living up to other people’s expectations in order to be accepted do not. People who have been emotionally and mentally traumatized to the point that they have no sense of identity don’t either. Most surprisingly of all, people who have spent their entire lives helping others without stopping to help themselves don’t either.

It is most important that you stop and take inventory of your “self.” Sometimes all the work and help and busyness is a narcotic used to numb pain and blot out hurtful memories and emotions.

The “self” is important . . . after all Christ in YOU is the hope of glory. (Colossians 1:27). God wants and needs to use YOU. Therefore, if YOU, the self, is not whole or even aware of your God given identity and abilities, you will not be effective in bringing the hope that is Christ to others.

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