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Finding Purpose

Purpose has been defined as that for which a person or thing exists and strives toward conscientiously. However, today, with so many distractions demanding the attention it is easy to lose sight of that which gives us meaning for life.

Many find that they are living vicariously through the lives and achievements of others while never really knowing what their own purpose is. They feel as if they are taking up space and are both unwanted and unneeded. However, this is simply not true!

Everyone has purpose . . . everyone. Everyone has value and worth and everyone matters . . . everyone. Many times others who don’t know this about themselves, who have become twisted internally, will attempt to dissuade those with whom they come into contact that they are without purpose and worth. If this lie is repeated consistently it can become rooted in a person’s belief system and they will travel through life dejected and aimless. Often they will sabotage every good thing, person and opportunity that comes their way because of this erroneous self-perception.

So, the question then becomes, “How do I find out what my purpose is?” Well, the first thing to do is to establish your worth. Psalms 127:3 says that children are a “heritage” or “gift” from God. It matters not the manner of your conception, God wanted to show His love through you. You are a gift from God! Perhaps your upbringing was not the ideal situation or circumstance. It does not change the truth that YOU were and still are a most valuable gift from God. Others may not have understood this and may not have treated you as the gift you are but it does not change the truth that you are God’s gift. Just because someone does not understand the value of a pearl and treats it like a marble does not change the value of the pearl. It simply means that the pearl needs to fall into the right hands, the hands of someone that can truly discern its value and thus, treat it with the care it deserves. So it is with you.

You, yourself, may not have always understood the truth concerning your value and therefore, did not behave as a gift from God. However, even that does not change the truth about you. So, your first purpose is to show forth the love of God through your life as the gift of God. That’s first, be the gift of God in the Earth. Secondly, discover your inclinations . . . what do you love doing? What do you find yourself doing even if you don’t get paid to do it? Whatever that thing is, it is a key to your purpose!

Perhaps you are always in the kitchen cooking, trying out new recipes, experimenting with food and spices and so forth. You may be a chef, a nutritionist, a restaurateur, a caterer or food critic and so on and so forth. Find your passion and it will lead you to your purpose!

What if your passions are perverted? That’s a good question! Many people have a passion but their passion, through one thing or another, has been perverted. For instance, a drug pusher is really someone that is passionate about business and finance. They understand purchasing wholesale and selling retail, they understand customer discovery, marketing, inventory, accounting, profit margin, loss, branding, product development and placement and so much more!!!

If you find that your passion has been perverted then your passion must be purified or in the end your perversion will destroy you so that you never fulfill the purpose for your life.

“Did you know that the ultimate sin is to die without fulfilling your purpose?”

All other sins are sins of distraction, entanglement and bondage, designed to keep you occupied until the day of your demise so that you die without ever really having fulfilled your purpose and lived. God can and will not only help you to discover and fulfill your purpose, He will purify your passions so that your purpose is not perverted and therefore, thwarted.

Finally, remember don’t ever try to align your purpose with someone else’s. It may be that they are doing something noble and great that you admire. It may be something that everyone in the family has always done or hoped that you would do. If you live your life’s purpose through another, you aren’t fulfilling YOUR purpose, you are fulfilling theirs. No one can fulfill another person’s purpose. We have to fulfill our own purpose and divine life assignment. Don’t you think it’s about time that you found yours?

Written by Dr. Anya Miller Hall copyright©2015. All rights reserved. Protected under the International Copyright Act. Dr. Anya Miller Hall is an anointed vessel used to teach, train, develop and send forth strong leaders and entrepreneurs. She is the author of over 32 self-published books and is the Founder of TeKton Ministries Int’l. She travels widely to speak and conduct conferences, workshops and seminars.

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